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Our Terms & Conditions apply to all types of driving lessons.

You must have a current, valid driving licence, provisional, full or international, that gives you either full or provisional entitlement to drive on public roads. You must also be able to read a car number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres. On your first driving lesson, your instructor will check your licence (plastic card) and carry out a simple eyesight test with you. Please bring your licence – and glasses if necessary - to all driving lessons.
Your instructor also has a licence that entitles them to be paid for teaching; the licence will be attached to the inside of the car’s windscreen. On your first lesson, your instructor will show you their licence. 

You must be fit to drive for all your driving lessons. If your instructor thinks you are not fit, the lesson will be cancelled and you may still be charged for the lesson. Please note, for example, if you have been prescribed a medicine by your doctor, it could adversely affect your ability to drive – always ask your doctor if you can drive on the prescribed drugs. Also, you should not drink alcohol within the period 24 hours before your driving lesson or your lesson could be cancelled and would remain chargable. 

Your instructor will be licensed, approved by the DVSA and, at all times, maintain an honest, moral and professional manner. Instruction will be to the highest standard; your tuition vehicle will be modern with up-to-date safety features and regularly maintained in a secure, clean condition. Your instructor will always be smartly dressed and, subject to prevailing traffic or weather conditions, conduct lessons promptly from the agreed location and for the agreed time. 

If you or your instructor need to cancel a lesson, normally, 24 hours notice should be given. Less notice and your instructor could charge you for the ‘missed lesson’. 

You will be made aware of the price of your lessons from the outset and be expected to pay for your tuition by the start of each lesson (or in advance ). Normally, your driving lessons will be for one hour or two hours - this will be agreed mutually between you and your instructor. All of your tuition will be on a 1 to 1 basis, with no car sharing. 
All the rates are the same, there will be no extra charge for home/college/work pick ups( these must be pre-arranged times with your Instructor)

When booking to secure discounts by using our block booking payment scheme, all lessons should be taken within 12 months of date of purchase or from the date of the first lesson if purchased as a gift using our driving lesson vouchers. In the event of lessons not being taken within the 12 months, any remaining hours would become null and void.

Your instructor will help you prepare for the theory test and, if you wish, book the appointment on your behalf. It will be your responsibility to attend for the test at the appointment time. 

If you wish, your instructor will book the appointment on your behalf. There will be a charge for hiring your instructor’s car for the test; normally, this will be the equivalent of 2 hours tuition. If your test is cancelled by the DVSA, you will be entitled to claim certain out-of-pocket expenses you incur from the DVSA.  The Instructor can refuse use of his vehicle if he feels you are not test ready

If you are fortunate to have access to a private vehicle, we strongly encourage private driving practice alongside lessons with your instructor. To gain the most from this extra training, if you wish, your instructor will advise you on how to structure your private practice. 

Applicable to block bookings and intensive/semi-intensive courses. When booking block bookings, the conditions are that you are purchasing lessons in advance in order to secure discounts on your driving lessons. In the unlikely event that you cease your lessons prior to using all of your hours, you will receive a refund based on the following:

Total number of hours already taken based at our standard £39 per hour rate plus any test fees already paid for by CBA Driving Academy will be deducted from the block booking fee. Any remaining monies not used will be refunded to the learner. 

We care very much about your progress and want you to succeed in the shortest possible time - we are proud of our reputation and success rate. Simply put, our aim is to provide the very best instruction, high quality training, value for money and ultimately your complete satisfaction in our service to you. If however, you are not happy with our service we would encourage you to discuss your concerns with your instructor in the first instance and should you require further assistance, you can call our office on 07783247082 and speak with Terry or Lisa

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